Domain registrars and domain cost for website

Each and every domain name registrars are accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN is a not profitable organization and they are responsible for all domains that are registered. Before buying domain name we have to check the availability of domain name with domain registrars. Basically, domain name can register with low prices for 1 year for a website through domain registrar. But for renewal they may charge higher than 1 year. Sometimes registrar may provide offer for their promotions. Some companies may require 2 years or more than that i.e., till 10 years company can buy a domain name. We can also check any additional charges and their policies. Domain registrars also provide domain transfers facilities if any company not satisfied with their present domain registrars. Every domain registrars have domain expiration policies so that we can renew our domain immediately. Sometimes auto-renewal options also available for our domain.

Overall, we should know clearly about domain registrars’ terms and policies before purchasing a domain.

Here, the list of domain registrars and cost of domain like .com, .net, .in and .org are listed down.


  • initiated in 2000 and most popular domain registrar in world level. They helps us to buy all top level domains along with country code.
  • They also provide premium domains too. We can get all type of access like private registration, free whois, whois privacy protection, registration of bulk users, domain transfers, DNS management, email forwarding, email account, and other add-on services also available.
  • At present they fixed prices for .com - INR. 825.26/1st year alone, .net - INR. 1073.08/1st year alone, .in - INR. 579/1st year alone and .org - INR. 742.65/ 1st year alone etc,.
  • For your rerference :


  • is one of the biggest website development and WordPress domain hosting company in the world.
  • Apart from this they also provide domain name registration services.
  • Bluehost offer small business websites with starting price of INR. 227.17/month with free domain name. We can add unlimited subdomains, G Suite for professional emails, malware protections etc,.
  • In case of emergency we can get support through live chat or phone calls for 24/7.
  • Here, we specified some domain cost in bluehost like .com - INR. 849/1st year alone, .net - INR.1,049/1st year alone, .in - Rs. 579/1st year alone and .org -INR. 999/ 1st year alone.
  • For your reference :


  • is established in the year of 2004. It is one of the fast growing domain registrar in the world for small business and also giving access to various networking tools for our business growth.
  • We specified some domain cost of hostinger such as .com - INR. 825.26/1st year alone, .net - INR. 1073.08/1st year alone, .in - INR. 577.43/1st year alone and .org - INR. 660.04/ 1st year alone etc,. For future clarification refer their website.
  • For your reference :


  • is one of the most familiar web hosting, domain registrar, website development and email marketing company having more than 21 million of customers.
  • They are providing many offers and it will be more competitive with others too.
  • Like other registrars GoDaddy offers domain management interface to transfer domain name, changing of server names, updation in contact, bulk domain renewals and some other settings too.
  • Here we specified cost for some familiar domains like .com - INR. 990.47/1st year alone, .net - INR. 1403.51/1st year alone, .in - INR. 742.65/1st year alone and .org - INR. 825.26/ 1st year alone.
  • For your reference :

Name Cheap

  • is one of the top domain registrar company in present market.
  • They are providing deep search for right domain name and also it suggest some domain names if it is not available.
  • Some domain name cost are specified here for your reference like .com - INR. 791.39/1st year alone, .net - INR. 923.56/1st year alone, .in - INR. 560.08/1st year alone and .org - INR. 617.91/ 1st year alone.
  • For your reference :


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